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Why Struggle When You Can Partii?

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Hello, my name is Sagen, creator of Kitchen Dance Partii.  Kitchen Dance Partii is a place where you can get recipes, nutrition guides, sustainable product recommendations and more to empower you to live a healthy vegan life.  I created this hub because when I made my transition to veganism I had to search Google, social media, old text messages, out of date articles  and so many other scatted resources to figure out what was going on.  It was frustrating and time consuming. I also didn’t feel confident and empowered I could actually live a healthy vegan lifestyle. Then I thought to myself, if I am feeling like this others may be as well.  So, why not combine my passion for connecting with others, cooking and education to support others on their journey to become vegan step by step. Veganism resonates with me on all levels but if I had to pick a couple to share with you they would be my health and environmental sustainability.  Regardless of my why, I fully believe in the mission of this necessary movement.  And what I’ve found is many of you feel the same way.  Because veganism is a movement of love.  A love for oneself, a love for our planet, a love for others, a love for animals and the list goes on.  This love is what empowers and motivates us to be a community of kindness, awareness and consciousness.  Leveraging these combined strengths to be mindful of what we put in and on our bodies.  This collective consciousness inspires me and inspiration should be shared.  So allow me to share with you love and kindness and generosity. Your mindfulness for our society should be rewarded. You shouldn’t have to feel frustrated searching across several different sites and profiles. You shouldn’t have to spend hours Googling only to end up down a rabbit hole. You shouldn’t go hungry because you couldn’t find a trusted nutrition resource that reviews your plant protein sources. Instead you should feel equipped.  You should be able to get your information  in one place.  You should feel confident that your information has been curated from reputable sources. You should feel empowered and excited about living a healthy life.  If this is how you want to feel then join the partii by clicking below and I’ll you to Kitchen Dance Partii’s exclusive guest list.  I invite you to have a look around, take what you need and always feel welcome to submit a request should you find we don’t currently have what you need.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Partii.  With Love,  Sagen

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