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Vegan Eats Near Me: Mashup Market

Like a Chicken with its Head Cut Off

Bad metaphor but follow me here. Have you ever experienced having to drive to multiple grocery stores just to get the ingredients you need for your favorite vegan dinner recipes? Walmart doesn’t carry your favorite vegan mushroom stroganoff so you have to go to Target. But Target doesn’t carry your favorite vegan pasta so you have to drive to Whole Foods. But Whole Foods doesn’t have the gluten free flour you need for cooking your vegan pasta dishes from scratch so you have to check out Natural Grocers.

Sound familiar?

While the vegan movement is certainly gaining momentum there’s still a lag in getting what we need conveniently. This may certainly leave you running around feeling quite disoriented. Not to mention frustrated. Believe me, growing up in the South it’s already challenging enough to transition to a vegan diet. Then, as luck would have it, you find your favorite vegan brand one day and get so excited. Only to be quite disappointed at the lack of availability or easy access when looking to repurchase.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Right as the pandemic hit, Denton, Texas welcomed a breath of fresh air: Mashup Market. Basically, a gourmet grocery store for vegans. Seriously. You can find everything from lavender limoncello desserts to one of the best vegan lasagna frozen options you can buy.

Cherie, Mashup Market’s owner, describes being fed up with the tiring vegan scavenger hunt as well. Which turned out to be why she opened Mashup’s doors. A place for vegans (and non vegans alike) to find their favorite vegan brands under one roof.

But here’s the best thing, she took it a step further. She’s chosen to promote up and coming vegan brands. You know, the brand you discover randomly somewhere and think to yourself, “how is this not mainstream yet”? The brand that’s so good, you kinda want to keep it a secret so you won’t have to experience it flying off the shelves before you get to it!

I think all vegan foodies feel me on this. Yes, the vegan food movement is exploding right now but it doesn’t necessarily mean good options are landing on the scene. So when you do find a brand you love you may be tempted to stock pile it.

Thankfully, with Mashup Market’s two Denton locations, you don’t have to! Trust me, she’s got all your favorites stocked. Here’s a list of a few you may know and love. And if you don’t know them just yet, be sure to drop by the store to check them out because did I mention samples are available?? More on that later.

A Few of Your Favorite Things

Boneless Butcher Boneless Ribz

Looking to venture beyond the typical meat alternatives (…see what I did there..)? You won’t have to venture far when visiting Mashup because they are home to one of Dallas’s top meat alternative brands, Boneless Butcher. A Dallas favorite looking to help make the world a greener place one meal at a time. From vegan steaks, boneless ribz and cheddar bratz they’ve got your cravings covered.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

This Shark Tank winner is a must have grocery list item. Owner, Michael Pan, journeyed to Malaysia to reconnect with his roots and culture. Ultimately, leading him to uncover a family recipe that would turn into a fast growing plant based business.

Rooted Vegan Cuisine’s Lasagna

If there’s one thing I love it’s Italian food. The second thing I love is cooking. Can you guess what the third thing is? Showing you how to cook vegan food! But even I would skip the the simmering pasta sauce, layers of veggies and sink full of dishes for this vegan lasagna on a weeknight. My only “bad” review is I had to wait 45 minutes for it to heat in the oven.. darn!

Uncle Otis’s Earthly Goodness Vegan Ice Cream

Yes, I’m all for saving the animals, the planet and putting my health first. But, missing out on milkshakes and ice cream sundaes has been a blow. Especially, in this Texas heat. Thank goodness for Uncle Otis! Uncle Otis’s Earthly Goodness Vegan Ice Cream tastes just like any traditional marble slab creamery ice cream you can imagine. With flavors like peanut butter brownie and purple yam cheesecake, I think it’s safe to say vegan or non-vegans are sure to love this cold treat.

Frankly Good Nutty Oatmeal Texas Brittle

Now, if you want something sweet but not cold this is it. This brittle is perfect for snacking with a sweet tooth. Almost too perfect. So perfect, in fact, that you may look up and you’ve finished the bag. Not too sweet and doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. The perfect sweet snack, indeed!

Jada Brands Plant Based Chick’n Mix

This brand launched in November 2020, on Shark Tank. Cherie’s keen eye for great up and coming vegan brands came in handy even as the brand was turned down on the show. She saw opportunity in their plant based mixes and quickly brought them on board. As she mentions in the video this has quickly become a customer favorite and a new item for you to check out on your next grocery run.

What Are You Waiting For

Now that you have a good grocery list going, it’s time to stop in and discover your own favorites. Because did I mention there are samples available?! Yep, you’ll find your next favorite vegan brand when you stop in and grab a sample.

There are so many great products I don’t have time to mention. Plus, if you’re a real foodie, part of the fun is the adventure and discovering your own unique treats. I’m just happy to be your guide on the journey!


Sagen Jackson

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  1. Christan DePauw

    This store is amazing! Cherie with Mashup Market also hosts vegan food trucks from all over the state! Check out the calendar for vegan sushi, gourmet ice cream, gluten free soul food, fried chicken, and so much more!

    1. Sagen Jackson

      Yes! Thanks, Christan!! I can’t wait to check them out. Love the whole vibe.

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