You’re here because you want to feel good about yourself and what you eat, right?

Healthiher is NOT a weight loss diet plan for women

We get it: there are so many diets out there, and they all promise to help you lose weight fast. But what if we told you that the best way to lose weight isn’t by following a diet at all? What if we said that instead of focusing on losing weight, you should focus on finding your healthy weight?

That’s why we created HealthiHER. The HealthiHER Framework is a behavioral health technique specifically designed for women. With our nutritionally dense recipes for clean, plant-based eating and evidence-based tools to help women find their healthy weight, we’ll help you live confidently healthy—and never have to worry about feeling like your body is holding you back!


This vegan health & wellness framework is designed to help you define health on your terms. Using science-backed behavioral health techniques, nutrition guidance and evidence-based tracking tools to make healthy and sustainable change.

Comprehensive Framework

Comprehensive vegan health & wellness framework designed to help you define health on your terms. Using science-backed behavioral health coaching, nutrition guidance and tracking tools to make a healthy and sustainable change.

Sagen makes such FUN recipes and is one of the most creative foodies I’ve ever seen! The way she uses plants to make delicious and unique meals is so inspiring. She’s definitely pushing the envelope on what it is to be vegan, and also makes the lifestyle very approachable.

— Emily Horowitz

5 ++ Stars! Absolutely love content created by Kitchen Dance Partii! The meals created are not overwhelming, they are easy to follow and recreate. They are also delicious using healthy ingredients to create food that tastes amazing and is good for the body! Keep ’em coming please!

— Cherie Reed