Are You Forcing Yourself to Conform to Bland Diets & Boring Fitness Routines all in the Name of Health?

Please, stop that! Start defining health on your own terms using the HealthiHER framework. Made for vegan women SERIOUS about their health and DEDICATED to making a change for the better! 

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to Hack Your Behavior

Learn how to challenge your thoughts to change and align your actions and ultimately your life.

How to Create A Nutrition Plan Aligned with YOUR Health Goals

Learn the basics behind a whole food plant-based diet and how to make it work for your lifestyle and needs.

How to Make Your New HealthiHER Habits Stick

Get tips, tools and advice on how to build sustainable change so you can change your life for good!

Bonuses Included!

Facebook Group

Get access to our members only Faceook group where we share the best tip and tricks.

One on One Coaching

Got questons? No problem, I'm here to help every step of the way. You got this!

HealthiHER Tools

Use scientifically developed tools to help you assess & refine your progress along the way.

Ready to Get Started?

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