The Perfect Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

When I first brainstormed this waffle breakfast sandwich recipe I considered making a chaffle. Have you heard of them? Basically, it’s shredded cheese mixed into waffle batter to make a cheese waffle. In theory this sounds really good…. Read More

The Ultimate Vegan Chicken & Waffle Cake

The Ultimate Vegan Chicken & Waffle Cake Yes, we’re going there with this chicken and waffles recipe. But don’t worry we’re not going so far that we lose all sense of flavor. We’re going just far enough to… Read More

The Ultimate Vegan Burger Recipe

If you couldn’t already tell from the homepage of my website, I love burgers. Since going vegan I’ve tried various vegan burger recipes and meat replacements. Yet, I could never quite get it right, until now.


The Greatest Pumpkin Spice Latte French Toast

The greatest vegan pumpkin spice latte french toast recipe

the best vegan breakfast sandwich

Easy Vegan Tempeh Bacon

Easy Vegan Tempeh Bacon

savory tomato jam recipe

Savory Tomato Jam Recipe

Savory Tomato Jam Recipe


Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Orange Julius smoothie recipe

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Millionaire Candied Bacon

The Best Vegan Carrot Lox