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Preparation & Cooking Times for Rice

Making fluffy rice can be tricky. Here is a cooking chart adapted from The Cook’s Book to help you make the perfect pot of rice every time.

Type of RiceBest ForSpecial PreparationBest Cooking Method and Approximate Times
LONG GRAIN White and brownPilafs, salads, stuffings, stir-fries  Can be toastedBoiling: 20 mins (white), 30 – 40 mins (brown); steam: 20 mins (white), 30 -35 mins (brown)
Basmati (white and brown)Spicy Indian dishesSoak for 30 mins, can be toastedBoil: 20 – 25 mins; boil: 20 mins (white), 40 mins (brown)
SHORT GRAIN RisottoClassic risottosCan be toastedRisotto: 20 – 25 mins
PaellaPaella, other Spanish rice dishesCan be toastedPaella; 20 -25 mins
ASIAN Chinese blackSweet and savory dishes, stuffingsSoak overnightBoil: 30 -40 mins
Glutinous (sticky)Sweet and savory dishes, rice dumplingsSoak for 4 hours minimumBoil: (rice cooker): 20 mins; steam:15-20 mins
Jasmine (Thai aromatic)Spicy Thai dishes, congees, stir frieswashBoil: (rice cooker): 25 mins; steam:20-25 mins
SushiSushi, sweet sisheswashBoil: (rice cooker): 20 mins; steam:15-20 mins
SPECIALIST Red or Camargue, Himalayan redStuffings, salads, pilafs, stir-friesSoak for 1 hourBoil: 40 -60 mins
WildStuffings, pilafs, salads Boil: 40 -60 mins

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