Welcome to the NFT Food Art Collection, Plants and Lacee, by Kitchen Dance Partii

This digital artwork is creatively inspired by women like you. With a focus on helping to reduce food insecurity for women.  This collection is called: Plants and Lacee.  May you find love, joy and sparkles in this collection! 

Plants and Lacee

Magenta Kale

A stunning variation of the legendary kale bikini, our itsy bitsy teeny weeny beaded magenta kale bikini is here! Carefully handmade with magenta beads, shimmering gold accents, juicy pomegranate and kale. This one-of-a-kind plantsandlacee collection was specially crafted with Summer in mind. This dazzling magenta tone will be a perfect addition to your NFT collection. A portion of the proceeds will go towards helping women fight food insecurity.

Our Road Map

Set Art Intention:  This collection is creatively inspired by women from all walks of life. With the intention to progress the culture and cross intersection of food and health.

Secure Community Partnership:  10% of the proceeds from this NFT collection will be donated to an organization focused on nourishing and healing food insecure communities.

Marketing:  Regularly deploying marketing strategties to further the reach of the Kitchen Dance Partii brand.

Community:  Cultivating a safe space for the Kitchen Dance Partii community to define, discuss and delight in their own ideals of food, health and womanhood.



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