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Chewy & Moist Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Espresso Cups

Chewy & Moist Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Cup

Delectably moist and chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies formed into cups for your morning espresso shot

Thinking of going vegan? Vegan chocolate chip cookies are a great first recipe to try when you are going vegan. This vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of my favorites. It was created by Ashley Manila. Check out her Baker by Nature blog and grab this Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

But why are vegan chocolate chip cookies a good first recipe when going vegan? Well, baking will force you to use vegan substitutes. Wondering what milk to use when baking? Bake some cookies! Want to know what to sub eggs for when baking? Bake some cookies.

Here are a few other basics to keep in mind when transitioning to a vegan diet.

A Few Vegan Diet Basics

As a new vegan it can be easy to become overwhelmed with everything you need to learn. Especially when it comes to cooking, baking and the substitutes that will help you achieve the taste you’re looking for.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you transition on your journey.

Milk Alternatives

Not all vegan milk is created equal. In fact you’ll get different flavors depending on which milk you decide to use. Here’s a quick guide for a few of the top plant based milk alternatives.

  • Oat milk – creamy consistency and a strong oat flavor. Oat milk is great to add to your lattes and baked goods.
  • Almond milk – light consistency, mild flavor. Perfect for baking and cooking without adding a strong after taste.
  • Coconut milk – extremely rich, creamy consistency along with a coconut flavor. Great for soups, vegan cheeses and sauces. Does have a slight coconut after taste.

Egg Substitutes

Egg substitutes can be tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • When baking applesauce, bananas and flax eggs are great substitutes to use.
  • Looking to make an omelette? Try chickpea flour. Here’s a chickpea omelette recipe.
  • Want to make scrambled eggs? Garbanzo beans are a great substitute for this! Check out this breakfast burrito recipe with vegan scrambled eggs.
  • Interested in more tips on egg substitutes? Be sure to download this Vegan Egg Substitute Guide here.

Vegan Protein Sources

You may have already noticed but a question vegans tend to get asked rather consistently is ‘where do you get your protein?’ You have also likely figured out rather this was something you needed to learn fast if you wanted to stay full. And if you’re just going vegan, don’t worry, you’ll learn. But here to help you out is a list of some of the plant based protein sources out there.

  • Legumes – a great source of plant protein for vegans is legumes! Beans like garbanzo, black beans, lentils and cannellini just to name a few.
  • Broccoli – surprisingly enough broccoli also is a good protein source for vegans. Containing more protein than most vegetables.
  • Tofu – tofu is another way for vegans to meet their plant protein needs. Think of tofu as a blank slate. It’s mild flavor lends itself to whatever sauces or spices you decide to pair it with.
  • Tempeh – tempeh, which is fermented soybean, is similar to tofu but with more texture. Although, this plant protein lends itself well to other flavors too!

Just remember, going vegan doesn’t have to be hard! With a few tweaks to your diet and some major determination anyone can make the switch!

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