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Going Vegan for Your Health

Going vegan for the animals is certainly admirable. I know many who have transitioned to veganism for this very reason! But without a healthy you, you’re no good to the animals.

You won’t be able to fight the good fight. Champion the causes necessary. Be an activist. 

This is why I was excited to stumble across, Casa de Luz.  It truly was a stumble.  A recommendation in fact. Otherwise, I likely would have never discovered this hidden gem.

Especially considering my Vegan Eats Near Me search typically starts with typing into Google ‘vegan restaurants in [insert cool city]’.  That fact alone would have caused me to miss out on this integrated community.

Because Casa de Luz is not a restaurant.  It is a community. A value they proudly share and boldly exhibit day in and day out.

Nourishing and Delicious

Aside from the community aspect, which you’ll see highlighted in the video and I’ll dive into it in a bit, the food is delicious!

Yet, not delicious in the ‘typical’ sense of the word.  It’s not loaded with sugar. Drenched in fat. Or Smothered in cheese. Bummer, I know.

It’s “organic, gluten-free, refined oil & sugar-free, wholesome food”.  At first blush, this doesn’t sound exciting.  Believe me, I get it.

Until you get there.  You grab a tray. You get your first course and select a beverage. You’re handed your main dish and you take a seat at one of the community tables.

You look down at your meal. It’s colorful, it’s hearty and it’s nourishing. You take your first bite and you genuinely find an appreciation for how fresh it is. 

You take a quick peek up and see the team in the kitchen working diligently to safely and cleanly cultivate the fresh food you are currently eating. 

You look back down at your plate and continue eating.  You can’t help but be grateful. And then it hits you: this meal is in fact delicious. 

Because what could be more fulfilling than nourishing one’s body? Not to mention the flavors are unique and tasty.  From the three nut butter (which oh my goodness I could have licked off the plate.. and maybe I did, don’t judge me) to the freshly steamed kale and handmade corn tortillas (say what?!).

All elements are perfectly paired together.  If you’re a real foodie you know this matters.  You can’t just pair garlic bread with enchiladas. No, you need tortillas or jalapeno cornbread with your enchiladas. 

It matters.

The Big Life

Just as much as the foundation Casa de Luz was founded upon, macrobiotics, matter.  The term comes from the Greek; “macro” means great or big, and “bios” means life.

The macrobiotic approach to diet emphasizes whole grains and fresh vegetables. For the most part, it avoids meat, dairy foods, and processed foods. The goal is to provide the body with essential nutrients so that it can function efficiently without loading it with toxins or excesses that must be eliminated or stored. [1]

An approach, Wayo, a true servant leader and owner of Casa de Luz, describes in the video.  

In the video, you can feel his passion for not just the founding principles but the team who surrounds him and helps uphold these principles. 

One of the biggest principles, or values, shared by all here is community.  But not just working together but eating together.  Breaking bread together.

Using this as an opportunity to forge friendships, foster thoughtful conversations, and share laughs. 

A true community experience, indeed.  One that you just might miss if you blinked.

Tucked away right in the middle of Austin’s bustling downtown district. Between Austin City Limits, Lady Bird Lake, and Cesar Chavez is a beautiful vegan oasis. 

An oasis, that you must visit. Bring friends and/or family.  Or don’t and meet new people instead! Enjoy the laid-back community vibes, delicious food, and experience the taste of true health! 

Want to learn more about the Macrobiotic Principles? Check it out here.



Sagen Jackson

Sagen knows first hand the harmful negative impacts bad habits can have on your health. For the past fifteen years, she has worked in the health industry developing programs for underserved women, partnering with doctors to create unique primary care services and serving with her local breastfeeding coalition and food bank. She loves helping women like you set health goals and crush them! Because she knows if she can overcome a drinking addiction and unhealthy eating habits so can you! It won’t always be easy but feeling and looking your best is always worth it! Download the HealthiHER app and get started on your journey to a HealthiHER you! You Glow Girl!

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