Sagen Jackson is dedicated to helping women lead HealthiHER lives, having helped close to 1 million people get the care they need through programs or curriculums she’s helped develop.  From a child with dreams of being a Pediatrician to a Public Health professional blessed with the opportunity to make an impact on a much larger scale, Sagen strives to model her teachings in her to day-to-day life. Hoping to encourage women everywhere that HealthiHER change is possible. 

Sagen received her Bachelors of Science in Education from Baylor University.  It was there she fell in love with Health Education.  She went on to obtain her Masters of Public Health in Behavioral and Community Health.  Throughout her studies she worked with clinicians to develop programs which served low income mothers and babies. She’s worked closely with physicians working in Neonatalogy, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Primary Care.  She also served on her local Breastfeeding Coalition Board. 

Sagen initially started Kitchen Dance Partii as a food blog but quickly realized that with her diverse background in health care and having develop related programs she wanted to combine food and health. Thus, using her passion for both food and health to serve and create more impact for women, HealthiHER emerged. 

Sagen’s dedication to helping women lead HealthiHER lives extends beyond personal fulfillment.  She grew up witnessing the women closest to her struggle with their health.  Family members with multiple chronic illnesses and addictions and surviving the trauma of her mother having a major life altering stroke.  This motivated her to not only make a change for herself but to support other women, seeking change and dedicated to making it happen. 

Sagen lives, plays and works in the Austin Texas area, mindfully sharing love, light and health with those she meets.  Ready to join her on the journey to HealthiHER? Click here